The Paulo Leminski Collection is in fact many projects in one.
It is the preservation of a collection, but it is also the act of making a vast body of work available to the public.

It is a rescue of an artistic production from pre-computer times, but which, presented in a digital format, stands the test of time and stands by its implicit modernity.

The organization of this material opens up to a meandering, diverse universe. With the finalization of this project and the range of future possibilities that it unfolds, we can have a glimpse of the dimension and multiplicity of his oeuvre.

It is an important step in reinserting a writer's work in this new virtual world. This is a world which, albeit incompletely until now, he was already a part of Leminski is a constant source of quotations on sites, blogs and all kinds of social media.

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Criação - Acervo Paulo Leminski

Paulo Leminski was, first and foremost, a creator. Not only in the insights he had, but also in the sense of fomenting new ideas. He generated, created, cared for and diffused his ideas with equal dedication. Highly skilled at articulating concepts he researched and then arriving at new conclusions and new ideas, which were then expressed in striking, original ways.

In everything he did, there was a mix of humour and zeal. Not a day would go by when he didn't write. In this section, you will have the opportunity to plunge into the writer's mind, his creative modus operandi. Here you will find notes, manuscripts, corrections, and excerpts from his finished works. They will offer you a peek into how he saw the world and his time.

Reverberating is resonating.
Naturally, echo is not the sound itself; and the quality of its reverberation depends on emission and reflection patterns.

Paulo Leminski's work has resonated enormously and sparked endless curiosity. His figure has attracted the keen interest of writers, researchers and journalists. About the latter, he used to say that their questions didn't matter much as he already knew exactly what he wanted to say. It comes as no surprise that the tone in the articles they wrote about him after his death was considerably different than the one they used when he was still alive.

Writers and researchers will find in his work a wide range of questions, precisely because it is so diverse and embraces such varied artistic personas, such as poet, essayist, haikuist, short-story writer, novelist, scriptwriter, songwriter, lyricist, translator, as well as researcher. Through these studies, we can see his work through other eyes. In this section, you are welcome to use a number of prisms (magnifying glasses, binoculars, telescopes, and metaphorical microscopes) to observe his work.

Repercusssão - Acervo Paulo Leminski
Imagens - Acervo Paulo Leminski

The first thing we think of when we think of Paulo Leminski is the writer in glasses, with a huge moustache and a piercing look in his eyes. Caricatures and pictures weave our perception of his everyday life - including family pictures and snapshots of artistic events. The different personas that compose the artist culminate in a unique, unmistakeable face, seen in graffiti, on t-shirts and even tattoos.

In this section you will find personal and family items, and you will dive into the author's intimacy and time.

It is only natural that someone so prolific should have a drawer labeled "miscellaneous".

Here are some of his advertising-related works, as well as other items which you may find curious, entertaining or interesting to research. Many of these items are self-explanatory. Others will offer us glimpses into how these multiple facets influence one another.

These are apparently loose threads, but structural in the work of this poet, thinker, essayist, chronicler, short-story writer, novelist, translator, musician, lyricist, haijin, judo player, teacher, lecturer. The person, Paulo Leminski.

Extras - Acervo Paulo Leminski

O objetivo deste projeto é disponibilizar o conteúdo de interesse público que integra o acervo particular do artista. A lista bibliográfica é uma referência à produção do autor. Sua obra não é obrigatoriamente parte integrante deste objeto. O autor declara, para todos os fins legais, que, em não sendo possível identificar os detentores dos direitos autorais de alguns textos e/ou imagens constantes desta obra, os mesmos encontram-se reservados aos seus titulares. Assim, se porventura, ocorreu alguma omissão involuntária a mesma será sanada, com os devidos créditos, nas próximas edições.

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